No, the bronzers in our tan are made using the highest grade FD&C colours available, this helps prevent colour coming off onto clothing and sheets during the development process. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing whilst your tan is developing straight after. Most Tans we use now are rapid which means that you can rinse off after a couple of hours, so then there’s no bronzer left on to transfer onto clothes or sheets and you no longer feel sticky.

A spray tan can last up to 10 days, but it also depends on your unique skin. The way you care for your skin before and after your spray tan also plays a role. Before your tan, ensure you exfoliate to remove dry, dead skin cells. Moisturise your skin Morning and night, when your spray tan has fully developed. Avoid longs baths and chlorinated pool. Consider a Tan XTender to keep your skin glowing for days. 

At Pink Tanning Lounge we ensure we will tan you a beautiful natural colour once it has developed. When rinsing off your tan, you’ll see the bronzer and colours washing off and you can go back to your original colour. Don’t freak out!! This is completely normal, your tan will continue to develop which takes around 12 hours.

Sitting in a spa or swimming in chlorinated pool is a way to remove your tan very quickly. But sometimes you want to go for a swim, especially if your on holiday. A quick swim is okay, just make sure you rinse yourself with fresh water afterwards.

Yes, Black Magic Tan is designed for the entire body, including the face. It is completely safe and we can provide nose-plugs if required. However, it’s totally up to you and if you would prefer to skip your face, that’s fine too.

Choose whether you want to have a facial or a spray tan – just don’t have both. Facials should be avoided right before a spray tan. We do a lighter coat on the face to keep it looking lovely and natural.


Pink Tanning Lounge uses the best quality ingredients. Also spray tans have come a very long way since the 90s and most of the tans we use now are rapid. You are in very good hands at Pink Tanning Lounge. I have specifically chosen and spent many hours researching the products. At Pink Tanning Lounge, we use 100% all natural DHA. No alcohol. No fragrance. No parabens. Not tested on animals and it is vegan friendly.

I use to ensure I am bringing you the best, most natural and organic products available. At Pink Tanning Lounge, we use Black Magic tans, which are the market leaders for spray tanning products.

Yes. It is always best to not spray tan the breast area if you are breastfeeding so you can either wear a bra (not ideal as this means you will get bra shaped tan lines), or we can spray tan around the breasts to avoid solution getting on that area.

There are a couple of options in terms of covering your nipples. We will provide you with a baby wipe to wipe down the area as a precautionary measure to ensure that all overspray has been removed from the breast area. We will provide nipple coverings or barrier cream so that your nipples are tan free.

Please make sure that you have your Doctor’s permission prior to booking in your appointment at Pink Tanning Lounge. Just let us know when you are either booking in your appointment or at your appointment so we can take the necessary precautions whilst spray tanning you.

Yes, spray tanning is safe for pregnant women. Every woman, body, skin and pregnancy is different so we recommend you speak with your Doctor. Every doctor has their own opinions on spray tanning and pregnancy and I will abide by what each individual doctor thinks is best for their patients. I do ask that you consult your doctor before booking. I don’t believe that I have the authority to override what a doctor has stated. We will also supply you with a face mask so that no spray tan is inhaled during the process.

Waxing after tanning is definitely NO, you will wax off any tan that has been applied. I would recommend, waxing your body 1-2 days before tanning. It is a good way of exfoliating your skin. This will allow the tan to stick to your skin better and you will get a longer-lasting and striking tan. Same goes for shaving. Pre tan prep well ahead of time is key!

You should give 24 hours approximately for the skin to repair before tanning to avoid an uneven look.

Depending on the tanning solution you have chosen, colour will start to appear in as two hours and be fully developed between 8 – to 12 hours.

Sometimes, the medications you take don’t mix well with the sunlight and can create hormonal changes and the pH levels. You may experience a sunburn, feel itchy, or you may find that your legs don’t take on the spray tan as much as the rest of your body.

If you are undergoing Laser Hair Removal/IPL, we recommend talking to your clinic before getting a Spray Tan. 

We recommend getting a Spray Tan 1-2 days after you have had laser/IPL done as the treated area may be sensitive. 

All Spray tan solution’s will need to be removed off your skin before your laser/IPL appointment so we recommend not tanning 1-2 weeks before this.

Moisturizing 2-3 days before spray tan appointment, to ensure skin is well hydrated. Simply pat dry your skin and leave moisturiser-free before the tan, as many oils and creams will block the color from penetrating and absorbing well. This also applies to deodorant. Make sure you come to your appointment with nothing on your skin for the best results.

Exfoliation is an important part of the pre-tan process. Exfoliating before your tan sheds dead skin cells, helps prepare the skin for an optimal tan, and reveals a fresh new slate. If you do not exfoliate it can result in a shorter life or a patchy tan. Don’t over exfoliating, as it can cause irritation on the skin, little scratches, and excessive dryness. Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment. Not right before as it will mean your pores are open and risk getting clogged by the tan.

No! Not unless you want to run the risk of turning orange. It is best to wait until you have exfoliated off the old colour first for best results.

When you book your appointment you should receive a confirmation email, at the bottom of this email there is a cancel appointment button or feel free to Text/Call us.

Once you have rinsed your tan off, your tan will begin to develop over the next 24 hours. Moisturise the following day with a fragrance free moisturiser. 

We recommend getting a Spray Tan 2 days before your event so your tan can be fully delevoped. 

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