Located in the Waikato/Waitomo District and Auckland when requested. Pink Tanning lounge is your one stop shop for an amazing year round tan.

Hi, my name is Daniella and I am the owner and operator of Pink Tanning Lounge. As a kiwi girl from the North Shore, my parents northern hemisphere Irish/Scottish/English/Scandinavian genes meant I had a pale complexion, but bronzed quickly in the fierce New Zealand Sun.

With Skin cancer accounting for around 80% of all cancers in New Zealand and around 80,000 skin cancer cases each year (www.sunsmart.org.nz)  I wanted to enjoy the amazing feeling of being brown but without the risk of ageing prematurely or getting skin cancer.

Starting at 14 years I started to get Spray Tans on Auckland’s North Shore, and yes it absolutely made me feel more confident and I loved the feeling of Summer.

Initially training to join the Hotel Sector and securing the role of Night Duty Manager at an Auckland Hotel just before Covid 19 arrived in New Zealand I decided this was a great opportunity to follow my passion of skin care and spray tanning.

Many of my clients are first time tanners ranging in age from 14 through to 75 years old, you can be assured I offer a discrete, friendly and caring service. My goal is always to make you come away feeling confident, brown, sexy, slim and happy.

Whether its staying Brown, wanting a Summer glow in the middle of Winter, getting ready for a school ball, or special event, or finally ready to head to an Island in the Pacific I am here to help you.

Your business is important to me and my reputation is only as good as the last person I took care of.

Check out our Frequently asked Questions page for more information or if you are ready now for a Summer Bronze, book now

We also have a great range of self tanning products you can buy now and I only use the amazing Black Magic tans product.

Black Magic deliver gorgeous, natural looking tans every time – No orange around here! They use natural and organic ingredients while being animal cruelty free, paraben free, vegan, alcohol free, fragrance free, hydrating and just all round amazing.

I offer a range of different colour options to suit different skin types and lifestyles rather than just going with a one size fits all solution. We all have different skin types and needs, so it makes sense to have a specific tanning solution that caters to that.

Questions, comments and feedback are always welcome.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.

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